Project Makanesque

To start with, Project Makanesque doesn't contain any illustrations made by me. Rather, it is a collection of food illustrations by artist nari金 (pronounced 'nari-kin')- a brand that had grown out of our huge love of both food and art. I've collaborated with him a lot of times in the past, (like with Chaos Cafe and partnerships during events) as we are in the same group of artist friends. He's always a pleasure to work with.
For Makanesque, my main work is to handcraft the merchandise offered in the collection; stickers, the sticker album, and any of the products that will be released in the near future. 
The brand was first released last March 10, at StickerConMNL and is currently offered in this site as one of our products.  
Official Makanesque art by nari金
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