Video Series: Stick With Me

Hello lovelys! 

I started a new project called Stick With Me where I upload quick videos of me trying to fill my new Collectors' Blank Sticker Album. I recently filled my original one (which was the prototype for all the sticker albums I've made) so now I'm out of place to put my other incoming stickers. Now what I want is for you guys to see how long my sticker album will last me and to show you how many stickers I can fill in one book. 

Ya ready? Let's start the first video! 

The stickers I put are coffee-themed mini deco stickers from PaperJoyPH that a friend gifted me. Aren't they cute? As a huge coffee drinker, I loved these so much and I bet I'll be using these for my planner anytime soon. 

I tend to make these videos sped-up so that people can watch the entirety of it quickly, but what do you think? Would you prefer a longer, slower video, or do you like the faster, sped-up quick vids? 

Let me know in the comments below!